Fragrant or odorless

Bianca van de Wetering


How do I know which lily will smell and which will not?

Many people have a specific preference for fragrant lilies or for odorless ones. In the store, the lilies are often still in bud and do not smell yet. But how do you know which one will smell and which will not. First of all, you can look at the leaves. The odorless lilies have narrower and finer leaves than the fragrant variety. The odorless lilies also have more leaves on the plant. Fragrant lilies have smaller and tinier buds than the fragrant ones. You can also ask if it is an Asiatic Lily or an Oriëntal. The Asiatic lilies are odorless and the oriëntal lilies are fragrant. The fragrant lilies are usually light pink, dark pink, or white. The odorless ones usually have brighter colors: orange, red, yellow, pink and can also be bicolor. In the attached PDF we have listed all the characteristics per type for you. – fragrant or odorless