Lily Looks

Lily Looks stands for a wide range of genetically short pot lilies that have been specially bred for the pot.

Our Assortments

Lily Looks consists of 6 unique series.

Tiny Series

Compact Asiatic varieties with nice and bright flower colors.

Sensation series

Asiatic double colored varieties with unique flower patterns.

Double series

Asiatic varieties with double flowers – odorless and pollen free.

Sunny series

Exclusive Oriental varieties with large, fragrant flowers.


Longiflorum specially bred for the pot with large white chalices.

Summer series

A cross of Longiflorum and Asiatic varieties with large, upright flowers.

Care tips

A green thumb is certainly not required for the care of a pot lily – it is actually an easy plant to maintain. With some extra attention and the right care tips, this special beauty will continue to bloom for 2 to 4 weeks and you can enjoy this beauty to the fullest.


Lily Looks pot lilies can be used multifunctionally – indoors as a pot plant and outdoors as a bedding and patio plant, the varieties come into their own. Of course, these varieties can also be used as perennials in the garden.

The Latest News

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