That will make you happy!

Bianca van de Wetering


The lily quickly catches your attention with its large colorful flowers. But did you know that summer-flowering bulbous plants, such as the lily, also stimulate your senses with their scents? In this way they enhance the sense of experiencing nature.

The Egyptians used to think that the scent of lilies had a mood-enhancing effect. They said: The fragrance of a lily gladdens the heart and leads to good thoughts.

Lilies come in all kinds of scent variations. The scent is not equally present in all lilies and can also be absent. Dark-colored orientals often smell the strongest. In general, with orientals, the lighter the color, the weaker the scent. LA lilies, a cross between Longiflorum and Asiatics, have a very different scent. This is a slightly sweet scent, which resembles a wonderful perfume. Asians don’t have a characteristic lily scent, but they do have many different colors.

In short, there is always a lily that fits the right feeling and the desired atmosphere that you want to create!