Pot lilies and frost

Bianca van de Wetering


The pot lily is a real tough guy when it comes to tolerating the cold. The bulbs even need cold to come back to life. If you want the lilies in your garden to come back every year, keep the following things in mind:

If you have potted lilies in the ground outside, cut off the spent flowers after flowering. You must do this, otherwise the plant will start producing seed buds. In the autumn, the stem and leaves die off and the energy flows back into the bulb. It is therefore important to only cut off the spent flowers, but not the stem. After a short rest period in the winter, a new stem forms from the bulb in the spring. At the beginning of summer, the pot lily will bloom again.

If you have potted lilies in a container outside, put them inside in a cool shed during the frost, otherwise the bulb can freeze.

You can plant finished plants from your living room in the garden from spring to autumn with peace of mind.

After the winter you can enjoy the flower splendor of the lily again!