A rain shower for the lilies

Bianca van de Wetering


Now that summer has ended and it will rain more often, you may be wondering if that will hurt your beautiful blooming lilies. That depends a bit on whether you have orientals or asians outside. Orientals are the fragrant lilies and Asians are the odorless ones. The orientals generally have more pollen on their stamens. With a rain shower this will transfer to the petals. That is of course a shame. You can prevent this by temporarily placing your lily under a shelter. This will not be necessary for most Asians. Asians generally have much less pollen and most of them will not emit any of the petals. A shower is therefore no problem for the odorless Asian lilies. There are also lilies without pollen, for example the orange, odorless Asian Tiny Double You. These can also easily have a rain shower. And the lilies freshen up wonderfully. Take a look at that beautiful drops that remain after a shower. How wonderful …