A lily will comfort you

Bianca van de Wetering


No Valentine card in the mail…. And also not a nice package brought from a admirer… .. Then cheer yourself up by buying a beautiful potted lily. The Egyptians used to believe that the scent of lilies had a mood-enhancing effect. They said, the fragrance of a lily makes the heart glad and leads to good thoughts. The medicinal effect ensures that your broken heart is healed quickly. But perhaps you should not wait at the letterbox at all in 2022. As soon as it is possible again, you go out into the wide world and meet as many “the one and only” as you want. The Chinese name for lily is not “Bai He” for nothing. It means “a hundred encounters”. In the East she is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. Maybe an idea to give somenone else a lily as well. Those beautiful flowers will make you happy again!